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Homer-Center Yearbooks Go Digital!

For historical purposes, now you may re-visit the years 1950 through 1989, of the Homer-Center Year Book / Lamarian / Wildcat Tale yearbooks, on the web site.

  • For the years of 1950, 51 & 52, the yearbook was called the Ho-Ci-Hi-An’.
  • From 1953 through 1966, the yearbook was called the “Lamarian”.
  • In 1967, the ‘Wildcat Tale’ became the title.

If you wish to revisit these treasures, follow the directions:

From the Homer-Center Junior/Senior High School web page:

  1. At the top Right half of the page you will see the word “Resources” – click on “Resources”
  2. At the bottom of the drop-down list of options, you will see the words “Year Books Online”
  3. Select the yearbook of your choice from the list of editions available. Enjoy the memories!

It is the goal to try to have other, more recent, yearbook editions digitalized and placed on the web site too, and we will share that information when they become available.