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School Cafe

Homer-Center utilizes for parents to deposit funds into student cafeteria accounts, get low balance alerts, and view purchases.

Go to and follow the directions to register for a free account.

Please contact the school directly for refunds, balance transfers, or if your child appears to be enrolled in the wrong school.

Before contacting technical support please read their FAQ for assistance with many common questions and concerns.

If you are still having technical issues with please contact the customer support department by using their support request form or call 1-866-442-6030 option 2.

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the SchoolCafé Customer Support Team has seen an influx in refund requests as more parents are losing their income. In order to avoid the auto pay trigger, we have decided to globally suspend the auto pay feature for all SchoolCafé users. This feature will stay suspended until things return to normal.

We wish you all well. Please stay safe during this time.